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5 Reasons to Launch a Podcast

#1: Be Found!

Get discovered on ITunes! Did you know that the iTunes has over 500 million buyers searching for experts to help with  personal, business, relationship problems. This expert could be you, as  you talk about your services, products and ideas.  You could be just what they  are looking for!

#2: Be Listened to!

Podcasts are unique as a marketing tool. With the busy lives we all live , when people tune in to listen to your podcast , you get their complete and total attention. Your message, your style, your content is completely absorbed as they get to know, understand and trust you. As people tend to buy from folks who they trust and feel comfortable with, this is what a podcast can do for you. Podcasts  are an excellent marketing tool.

#3: Let iTunes be your Platform

As a podcaster on ITunes you are showcased for 8 weeks in their New and Trustworthy Section after launching – FOR FREE!! Your services, products and business are put before millions of subscribers for them to download and listen to at their convenience, resulting in a vast increase of traffic to your website ( over 90% increase ) as well as substantially more optins to your marketing  campaigns.

#4: Become the Expert

On podcasts, you talk about what you do, your business, your passions, your triumphs and challenges. People tuning in, not just learn about you but are able to hear the passion and inflections in your voice as they listen to the topic you are addressing. Your message or content becomes relevant and important as you are relegated to an Expert Status.

#5: An alternative to PUBLIC SPEAKING

As a entrepreneur, one of the best ways of marketing your business is through speaking gigs. Many people struggle with that. Some have gone as far as to say that they would rather jump out of a plane than stand in front of a group of people and speak. Podcasts are a wonderful alternative as they give you an opportunity to get the word out to more people than you can imagine using the iTunes, Stitcher and Sound Cloud platforms. Even more importantly, you get a marketing opportunity without leaving the comfort of your office.

 Launch a podcast today… you DON’T know who may find you!


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