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Mobile Websites or Mobile Apps? Which works better..

Small and medium sized businesses that want to start a mobile marketing campaign have the option to create a mobile website or app. The two might look similar, but they are different from each other in many ways. There are several factors to consider in determining the one that suits your needs.

So what’s the difference between Mobile Websites and Apps?
Before you evaluate the advantages of a mobile website or app, it is vital to understand the difference between the two. Both mobile apps and websites are accessed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Mobile Websites
A mobile website is just like any other website. It is composed of HTML pages that are connected with each other and accessed on the Internet. The difference between a standard and mobile website is that the latter is designed for smaller displays and have a touch screen user interface. Just like any other website, mobile websites show text content, video and images. They can have mobile-specific features, such as location-based mapping and click-to-dial.
Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are programs that are installed on mobile devices, instead of being accessed through a browser. Users download the apps through device-specific portals such as the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. It depends on the operating system of the mobile device. The application can pull data and content from the Internet, or can download the content so that it can still be accessed when offline.

So is a Mobile Website or  Mobile App best for your business?
Deciding on whether to create a mobile website or a mobile app depends on the goals your business wants to achieve. If you want to deliver mobile-friendly content to a wide audience, then a mobile website is good for you. If you want an interactive game or something with lots of features, then go for an app. There are some cases when you need both a mobile website and app, but it doesn’t make sense to create an app when the business already has a mobile website.

Businesses should consider having a mobile website first in order to have a mobile online presence. An app is useful only for specific purposes that can’t be accomplished through a web browser.

As long as there new advancements in mobile marketing, the mobile websites versus mobile apps will continue to be asked by business owners who want to establish  a mobile web presence. If the goal of the organization is to deliver content that can be shared between users and discovered on search engines, then having a mobile website makes sense. If the goal of the business is to provide an interactive experience with the users or offer an application that works more like software program than a website, then have an app designed.

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