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How to Market Your Business by Mobile

Are you marketing to your clients or prospects in an interactive, inviting way? How are you reaching your customers?
In the not-so-recent past, marketing was limited to hoping you were reaching your audience. Today, we know we can! With ease of use, low cost, and high return, mobile text marketing puts your message directly in the hands of the people interested in you or your product.
So who are those businesses or clients most interested in using real time mobile communication to reach they clients? These includeRestaurants
Retail Stores
Real Estate Agents
Night Clubs
Medical Offices
SalonsMobile phones go everywhere with their owners who are constantly on them. People check e-mail, send text message, surf the Internet , play games, and lots more. As a business owner if you are not advertising on this medium, it is obvious you are missing out. But how do you get started?
First, work with your mobile text marketing company to create a text-to-short code — a five or six digit number and “code” that will generate an automatic response such as a coupon or thank you message.
Next, look for creative and engaging ways to encourage your customers and clients to opt in! This starts your subscriber list.
A great way to develop a strong mobile campaign is to extend one of your existing traditional campaigns. For example, a restaurant with a new menu item could offer a ready-to-use coupon sent to the consumer’s mobile phone for a discount off the new item. This could be promoted via outside signage, table signs, even on buttons on staff members or servers, or the menus themselves.
With this approach you start to quickly build your list of opt-in subscribers and you can use this list to send them additional coupons and information down the road.
A second scenario would be to use your current list to build your subscriber base. For example, a hair salon could remind their clients of an upcoming appointment with a text message, but also include a $5 coupon for new customer referrals. The subscriber would be given a link to a website to type in a friend’s e-mail. When the friend books an appointment, a $5 coupon can be sent via text link to both the original subscriber and the friend.
After establishing your list, you will need to continue to offer these subscribers things they feel have value, such as coupons, or VIP treatment. This will keep your list strong and build loyalty. And best of all, research has shown text messages enjoy a 97% open rate!
Success for your campaigns should come quickly and easily with your new mobile text marketing campaign!
Remember the world is going mobile, where are you going?

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