Choose the Best Content for Your Website

Do you know why you need a website or how to choose content for it? Many new business owners or startups simply know they need one. Even businesses that have been around for some time do not always see the value, especially if a brick and motor. Today, websites are invaluable and even have monetary value placed on the website itself. Content was easy and as long as it looked professional. So, how can you choose the best content for your website?

Why Do You Have A Website

Reasons for a website are very different today than they were years ago. In the past, the most distinctive reason was simply to have an ‘online presence’ to send prospective clients to if they wanted to see you were a legitimate business. Often this was after a networking event or meeting in person. So much is done online now, however, it is even more important than ever to have the best content, that reflect you and your brand, on your site.

“Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise.”
-Sonja Jefferson

In years past, a website was basically a ‘store front’ for others to see online and know you really are a business. It also helped you ‘look’ more professional by having a website. Websites function much differently today.

A Website’s Function

Some important functions of a website today are:

  • Branding
  • Online Presence
  • Marketing
  • Attracting Clients
  • SEO
  • Analytics (Google)
  • Social Media Integrations
  • To Show Your Professional Abilities
  • Host to Your Testimonials
  • Host Your Package Pricing
  • And More

It is important to understand why you are building your website (or why you are redesigning one). If the reason is merely to have an online presence and show you are professional, you can easily put up a one page site and be finished. If, however, you want a functioning website that will work for you whether you are or are not online, then you must consider all the content that should go into your site.

Tips From Google

Tips from Google’s Dave Meyer (at a SCORE webinar) in having a website are:

  • Building a goal-oriented website
  • Creating useful content for your audience
  • Ensuring your site is useful for visitors, on any and every device
  • Increasing visibility with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Establishing a search-friendly site that’s useful for customers and supports your business goals

Usability is a key element in good website design. If a prospective client cannot easily find your pricing or what services you provide, they will quickly bounce (or jump from your site onto another). The ideal website keeps a user engaged with easy to find elements.

Key Content

So what are some of the Key Content Elements That Must Be Included On Your Website? Your website should have:

  1. Visual Appeal
  2. Functioning Properly Elements – Including Plugins
  3. Defined Menus
  4. Defined Services or Products
  5. Proper Privacy Policy/Cookie Notices in Place
  6. A Good Introduction to You & Your Passion
  7. Great Content Written Well
  8. A Blog

Unpacking the Content

These are minimal requirements today. This does not include Membership sites or other more involved websites. Why do you need these key elements?
Let’s unpack this a little further.

#1 – Visual Appeal – seem obvious but in case it is not, you should always consider graphics & photos and how they will make the prospective client or customer feel.

#2 – Functioning Properly – means simply that all menus are working and all links should take me where I want to go. Always update themes & plugins to keep it running smoothly (after you backup your files).

#3 – Defined Menus – People want to be directed to the proper places. By having the menus easily visible and working properly will create a great usable website.

Don’t Forget to Include

#4 – Clearly Defined Services or Products – You would not believe how many times I have been on website that does not even tell me what they offer (service or product). Without proper guidance I am left to clicking all the buttons only to find myself in the wrong area of the platform.

#5 – Proper Privacy/Cookie Notices – this is increasingly important as security has become personal to most. Simply have these on your site to so that you meet requirements.

$6 – Introduction To You & Your Passion – The ‘About Us’ page can be a great way to show your personality and share a little more about you and why you do what you do.

Content, Content, Content

#7 – Great Content – In between all these layers is the written content & photos. Always address content to the buyer or ideal client, not yourself.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” – Seth Godin

As far back as 2008, Seth Godin was saying this and they are still quoting him today because it is still true today.

To Blog or Not

#8 – Blog – This is so important now if you want more traffic. A blog that uses keywords wisely can gain multiple readers and traffic! Not to mention sharing it on your social media platforms and possibly Medium for a little more traction. (if posting on Medium also be sure to reference that it was first posted on _______ – blog site). Blogging can be a great boost to your SEO.

Have you incorporated these content pieces into your website? If not – now its your turn to go and create!

Until Next Time,

How to Maintain Your Website

Evaluating and analyzing your website is an important aspect of owning a business.  It goes to the very lifeline of the business. The website is essential for marketing, branding, telling your story and explaining what you do, how you do it and how much it will cost the prospective clients. Once the site is up and running, do you  know how to maintain your website?

Many times the hard work of building a website it behind us and it is easy to forget it is there, but necessary to your business. Too often it is taken for granted once the initial website design is up and the SEO is set.  We take a deep breath and think, ‘Ah, it is finished’ and walk away. I’ve had clients who never touched their website again for over 10 years.

“A well-maintained website is critical for real-time service industries. All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public. Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time. “

Gissimee Doe

The Necessities in Maintaining Your Website

There are a few necessary components to maintaining and keeping a website up to date. Updating the theme any time a new or updated version is out is, of course, very important. A key factor when doing this, is to always be sure you have backed up all information first. Secondary concerns are to update any plugins, especially to keep bugs or hackers at bay. This is one of the best security measure taken against it.

“There are lots of tools available to take care of this need and it’s also something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.
WPMU DEV members can set up automated scans with Defender. That way, you’ll know when any updates are ready for installation. Add in uptime monitoring via Hummingbird and all your needs for WordPress monitoring will be fully met.”

-John Penland

Updating the actual content is also necessary and important to do on a regular basis.  One of the easiest ways to ensure your website is updated frequently is by adding a blog and contributing to it on a regular basis.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Google is often achieved by simply writing articles on your website.

Websites, Google, Keywords & Simplicity

What benefit will it be to you to put in all of this work? By writing articles and adding pictures to your site, you will please Google.  Google regularly crawls looking for activity on websites and applies some of this knowledge to its rankings. Google does not want to recommend or pull up a name in their searches to a site that has been inactive.  You may be surprised that by using keywords in your blogs you will come up higher in searches results for that keyword.. It may take some time, but it really works.

All of these are important elements.  The next time you give out your website address or a  business card, let it serve as a good reminder to check in on your website.  Remember you should also be sure to check your keywords on each page of your site along with meta tags.

Meta tags & Plug Ins

When writing content for your website, also remember to record the meta tags, categories and keywords. Another great tool to help with the writing and SEO content is to use the Yoast Plugin. This plug in has a lot of value, even for the free version.  Yoast will offer help and show where writing may need well as if the content is working with the keyword(s) you entered.

Yes, it may add work to your day, but if you purposely schedule the time to every week or month to update the site and even the check the keywords and meta tags by using Yoast Plug in.

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